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1 Jun 2019

The industry in Hong Kong has over the years suffered many serious failures of temporary works, from scaffold falsework collapses to workers falling through openings in platforms. Many of the failures have resulted in death and disabilities, and significant disruption and have also lead to tendering suspensions. These incidents are unacceptable and almost always avoidable. The cause of TW failures are many but key factors include:-

  1. Lack of codes of practice to establish minimum or best practices

  2. Poor or no consideration for access and edge protection in the design

  3. Knowledge gaps and misleading information in the supply chain

  4. Lack of a comprehensive brief for the designers

  5. Gaps in the review and approval processes

  6. Uncontrolled modification of structures

At the seminar the TWf was introduced, the individual working groups presented their work so far and highlighted priorities for the future.

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